Monday, March 16, 2015

Deleted Scenes

With every manuscript...err all three I've finished and the one I'm currently writing, I've kept a file that I put deleted scenes or in some cases deleted chapters--as in plural. I can't even go there...too soon.

Anyway, sometimes I know right away that something isn't working but I keep it in case it can go somewhere else in the story or could be used in a different book.

I didn't have many with Until Now. It was written and handed off so quickly that I didn't have much time to change my mind or rewrite.

Until Now was also written differently.  Each chapter that took place in the past had to be it's own short story and since the timeline of the book was eighteen years each chapter needed to have a purpose so I was choosy about what I wrote.

After finishing one particular chapter, I wavered on keeping it. I enjoyed writing it and loved the interaction between all the characters but it didn't really add anything to the story that couldn't be said in a few sentences somewhere else.

I sent it to Carrie who is my go to gal for all things and asked her opinion. She returned it with the same opinion. She liked it but it didn't need to be in the book.

I decided to keep it in. I sent my manuscript to my editor and a couple weeks later I received an email from her saying she liked this one chapter but it didn't really add anything and didn't move the story forward. In the end I took it out but saved it.

For those who have read Until Now and are interested there is now a tab at the top of my blog for deleted scenes. Inside you'll see what was originally Chapter Thirty-Two AKA She's baaaack.

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