Wednesday, March 4, 2015

They just won't shut up.

When it came to writing, I was always meh. I didn't think I was a horrible writer but I wasn’t a good one either. What I did have was an active imagination. I always had story ideas floating around in my head.

Being a shy child who moved around a lot, I spent more time in my head then with friends. I usually didn’t mind, and most of the time preferred it.

As a kid, I would roll around on my roller skates and dream about being someone else, somewhere else. At times I would be a champion roller skater at other times I lived in a big tree house on an island just like the Swiss Family Robinson family. 

At some point in my life, I lost that part of me. I think it was somewhere between having my first child and my last.  I hadn’t even realized I lost it. I was too sleep-deprived and stuck in survival mode of motherhood to remember what I was missing.  But once I decided to finish my manuscript of Love you, Always, the spark was reignited.  In the six weeks it took me to finish the first draft of my first novel, I came up with nearly forty more book ideas.

I kid you not.

It was like a door to the other side of my brain was opened and all these characters tumbled out.  They were so loud and demanding that I had to stop what I was working on so I could write down what they wanted me to know. It was distracting, sometimes annoying but also exciting.

I was back!

It hasn’t stopped.  My characters at times are as real as you and you and YOU.  They talk to me, sometimes I overhear their conversations and sometimes they tell me about themselves by showing me, like watching a movie. Maybe that makes me crazy. If so, then I like being crazy. 

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  1. You should always listen to your inner voice......and in this case......voices! Love that you're sharing your wonderful talent with the world!!!