Monday, May 25, 2015

Difficult Scenes

In every book I’ve written and every story I've started there is always that one scene or one chapter that just kills me. It hits me directly in the feels and those are the chapters that I love and hate. Or love to hate.

Even though there are a few tough scenes in Love You, Always, the hardest was the courtroom scene. Since then, all difficult scenes are called “courtroom scenes”. 

In Until Now, there were a few, but the hardest for me was Chapter Thirty-Eight. I left it for last because I obviously hate myself.

The scene in Love You, Always is 1,030 words and took me thirteen straight hours to finish.

I wrote rough draft.
Sent it to Carrie, who reads everything I write.
Carrie sent it back with, “You can do better.”
I rewrote.
Sent it to Carrie.
Carrie sent it back with, “go deeper.”
I cried.
I rewrote.
Sent it to Carrie.
She sent it back with “closer.”
I swore.
I cried.
I ate chocolate.
I rewrote.
Sent it to Carrie.
Carrie sent it back with, “You did it!”
Cried some more. It was that overly tired cry.
Drank alcohol.
Went to bed with a crying headache.

This is pretty much how every tough scene goes. Today I'm working on a "courtroom scene" for Until Us (Katie's story from Until Now). Thankfully, I planned ahead and have a case of Mike's Hard Lemonade waiting for me to celebrate finishing it. 

P.S. No Mom, I will not be drinking the whole case and I'm not an alcoholic. :-) 

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