Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Until Now World

Almost every single day, I wish I was a faster writer. I have so many stories floating around in my head that at times I feel anxious because I want to write all of them--rightthisveryminute. But as I delve back into the Until Now world and re fall in love with the characters, I'm more than happy to spend time in their world. I love these characters...even Phillip.

For old times sake, I listened to some of the music I listened to while writing Billy and Bridget's story.  My favorite and the one song that I saw as theirs was Just Say Yes by Snow Patrol.  I listened to it no less than a zillion times and I still love it.

Now I need to find a song for Katie's book.

This is unrelated but since I was on Youtube and this video came on, I had to add it because I love this song. Oh the feels. I want to write a book for this song.

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