Sunday, September 20, 2015

Behind the scenes.

Today my bestie took the photos for two upcoming books, Until Us and Love Me.  Making covers is probably the hardest, most stressful part of self-publishing for me and why I'm incredibly grateful that my best friend has awesome photo taking skills and knows how to use photo software, so I don't have to learn.

The steps for making a cover.

1. Get a vague idea of what I would like to do.
2. Tell bestie about the vague idea so she can expand on it.
3. Plan a day for photos.
4. Wait until the last minute to buy props for said photos.
 It took a while to decide which shoes my character Katie would wear.

 5. Try on sunglasses with soon to be 12-year-old while waiting to check out.

6. Let my 10-year-old son come with me to buy props even though it means a couple of hours of shopping and then be surprised when he doesn't complain once.

7. Meet bestie at the park with my two kids I bribed into doing photo shoot along with bestie's dog Bubba, who is the inspiration for the dog Bubba in Until Us.

8. Laugh at Bubba antics.

9. Laugh some more at Bubba.

10. Take kids home after the photo shoot and get items for the next one.
11. Laugh at myself while wearing/almost breaking neck wearing prop.

12. Have bestie take the first set of pictures.
13. Eat peach blackberry cobbler at Mcmenamins while waiting for it to get a little darker for the next photos.
14. Have bestie take gorgeous photos with a very Oregon background.

15. Feel like you're being watched while on the deck taking photos.

16. Squeal with happiness looking through photos and trying to decide on covers.

17. Hug bestie.


  1. Looks like fun was had even though it was work. The weather was great this weekend. Congrats on the new books.

    1. Thanks Grandma Z. We had to take the photos before the weather turns bad. :-) Thank goodness for beautiful September days.

    2. 17th. :-) Emily is going to be 12! ACK!