Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Random things I think about when I have a bad writing day.

Am I a writer yet?

Even though I have three books under my belt and almost finished with a fourth ::Knock on wood:: I still question if I’m REALLY a writer.  I pretty sure at any minute someone is going to stand up and yell “fraud!” 

Sometimes I wonder how many books I need to write before I FEEL like an author.  There has to be a number but so far, I’m pretty sure it’s not three. 

I’m not one of those authors that talk about my books…to anyone. (Except for my besties who beta read my stories for me.) If someone asks me about them, I find a way to change the subject.  I’m awkward like that.  

Talking about my books on social media gives me an ulcer.

I wonder if there are more authors like me but unlike me they can hide their insecurities better.

Someday I want to be confident enough to say, “Yes, I am a writer” and not cringe and want to take it back. 

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