Friday, October 30, 2015


1. Sending my book to the editor. Seriously, best feeling ever.

2. The first shower after sending a manuscript to an editor. I hope I'm not the only one, but when I get near the end of finishing a book showers, cleaning, and feeding myself anything healthy goes out the window.

3. The week long break I take after I send a manuscript to an editor.  (seeing a theme here?)

4. Getting caught up on my book reading.

5. 3000pc. puzzle. It's big.  It's also a good thing we never use our kitchen table.

Until Us is with the editor. I'm still not positive when it'll be released but my goal is for late November. YAY!  Now to start the next book....

Friday, October 16, 2015

Five Favorites

1. This cover. A few weeks ago I had posted pictures from the cover photo shoot. This is what happens when a skilled photographer takes pictures and works her magic.

This is the cover for Kimmie's book from Love You, Always. I love it almost as much I love the character.

2.  This cover.
We had taken several photos for this cover, but none of them worked so we went back the next day to take more.  I love it, but I've been waffling on it a bit. But I think that might be more to do with my issues with finishing the book than the cover itself.

3. ew!.  Jimmy Fallon cracks me up, but this...this makes me laugh out loud every single time. Maybe it's because I have teens or maybe it's because my oldest daughter's name is H because H's are ew! lol

4. Pens. On Facebook, I had posted a picture of the crap in my purse including all my pens. My favorite is the PILOT G-2 07. They fit in my hand perfectly, and the colors make me happy. I have one for every mood.
Most of my story ideas begin with me physically writing them down.  For some reason writing makes the ideas flow easier than typing. For me anyway. I can easily go through a notebook a month.

5. My red Kitchen Aid mixer. I hate cooking. In fact hate probably isn't a strong enough word for how much I dislike it, but I love baking.  Unlike my cooking, nobody complains when I bake.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

When frustration turns to self hate and other fun things that go on in my head.

I've posted on Facebook and on here about finishing Until Us, the second book in the Until Series.  It's so close I can see the finish line. In fact, I thought I would already be past it and working on an Until novella that I want to put out in December but noooooo.

It's written, but something isn't right. I've spent this week re-reading each chapter doing some minor rewrites and some bigger rewrites but something isn't working, and I can't put my finger on it. Each night I've gotten so frustrated that I've had to step away from my computer before I start crying and the self-hate takes over. I have to put it down for a few days and hope that the answer comes to me.

I desparately want this book to be done. Not only because I want to move onto something else, but because I love the characters so much that I can't wait to share them with the world. I fell in love with Katie before I knew Billy and Bridget from Until Now. Though no other character can kick them off my favorite character pedestal, Katie and Tyler come very close.

So I guess this is an update of sorts. I'm not sure when the book will be done. My hope is to have it out in the world mid November but I'm not making any promises because the past few months have taught me or retaught me some tough lessons.

1) I can't muscle my way through the process no matter how much I try.
2) Writing is hard for me. I'm not a natural writer. I'm a natural daydreamer.
3) If I compare myself to another author, I'm only going to make myself depressed which makes writing more difficult.
4) Breathe. Just freaking breathe for freaks sake.

Today I read this on an author's Facebook page. I can not say yes enough to this because I've done the opposite and it worked perfectly on making me miserable.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Do you ever...

Today is Favorite Five Friday, but I'm having one of those weeks where I hate everything and everyone. I have to dig deep today. 

1. Soft t-shirts and yoga pants. Because that is what I'll be wearing for the next three days while I'm locked in my bedroom finishing Until Us. 

2. Diet Coke. Because that is what I'll be living on for the next three days. It used to be Diet Pepsi, but it tastes funny now. Boo hiss. 

3. My laptop. I love it so much. When I was writing Love you, Always and Love, Ryan it was on an old laptop that overheated. It also had a low battery life and a plug that didn't always work, so I was constantly messing with it to keep it on.

4. Mike's hard lemonade.  

In fact, I wish I had one now.

  5. This song even when I'm in a pissy mood and hate everything.

When I was writing LYA, Love, Ryan and started on Until Now I was working as a Nanny. I loved it. LOVED!  I loved going to work and spending my days with adorable twin girls, but almost overnight I began to feel a quiet dissatisfaction. Nothing changed with my job; it was still great, but I no longer felt like I was in the right place doing what I should be doing.  My thoughts were constantly on what I was writing, and I found myself wanting to be in front of my computer instead of playing at the park. I discussed with my husband my growing frustration, and he said I should quit and concentrate on writing. I fought it. The idea of giving up a great job and regular income to become a starving artist was insane. It still is, but when I gave my notice it felt like everything in my life was righting itself.  I don't regret it even though I barely make enough money to cover my internet bill. Even if I'm never considered a "success" to the world, I am because every day I get up and write.  I have a lot of regrets in my life, but writing full-time hasn't been one of them.   

Friday, October 2, 2015

Favorite things.

1. Yesterday, a friend of mine thanked me for a favor by giving me a box of See's candy. I now know for sure that I love being paid in chocolate.  It shouldn't have been a surprise.

2.  When I have a chance to spend the day with my great niece.

3. The commute to see my great niece is 45 minutes of beautiful scenery and an opportunity to listen to good music without hearing complaints.  I almost hate it when the drive ends.

4. Pizza. But not just any pizza but 3rd Street Pizza. They make an awesome veggie-myte pizza and also the best Greek salad I've ever had.  If I could, I would eat there every week.

5. My e-reader. I have a bit more appreciation for it since my Nook is on its death bed. It's been my  sanity saver.