Friday, October 9, 2015

Do you ever...

Today is Favorite Five Friday, but I'm having one of those weeks where I hate everything and everyone. I have to dig deep today. 

1. Soft t-shirts and yoga pants. Because that is what I'll be wearing for the next three days while I'm locked in my bedroom finishing Until Us. 

2. Diet Coke. Because that is what I'll be living on for the next three days. It used to be Diet Pepsi, but it tastes funny now. Boo hiss. 

3. My laptop. I love it so much. When I was writing Love you, Always and Love, Ryan it was on an old laptop that overheated. It also had a low battery life and a plug that didn't always work, so I was constantly messing with it to keep it on.

4. Mike's hard lemonade.  

In fact, I wish I had one now.

  5. This song even when I'm in a pissy mood and hate everything.

When I was writing LYA, Love, Ryan and started on Until Now I was working as a Nanny. I loved it. LOVED!  I loved going to work and spending my days with adorable twin girls, but almost overnight I began to feel a quiet dissatisfaction. Nothing changed with my job; it was still great, but I no longer felt like I was in the right place doing what I should be doing.  My thoughts were constantly on what I was writing, and I found myself wanting to be in front of my computer instead of playing at the park. I discussed with my husband my growing frustration, and he said I should quit and concentrate on writing. I fought it. The idea of giving up a great job and regular income to become a starving artist was insane. It still is, but when I gave my notice it felt like everything in my life was righting itself.  I don't regret it even though I barely make enough money to cover my internet bill. Even if I'm never considered a "success" to the world, I am because every day I get up and write.  I have a lot of regrets in my life, but writing full-time hasn't been one of them.   

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  1. One step at a time. You may get more books finished now. Sounds like you like your choice so that is what make everything better. Helped Gabrielle with the quilts all day yesterday that was fun but legs hurt from standing too much.