Friday, October 16, 2015

Five Favorites

1. This cover. A few weeks ago I had posted pictures from the cover photo shoot. This is what happens when a skilled photographer takes pictures and works her magic.

This is the cover for Kimmie's book from Love You, Always. I love it almost as much I love the character.

2.  This cover.
We had taken several photos for this cover, but none of them worked so we went back the next day to take more.  I love it, but I've been waffling on it a bit. But I think that might be more to do with my issues with finishing the book than the cover itself.

3. ew!.  Jimmy Fallon cracks me up, but this...this makes me laugh out loud every single time. Maybe it's because I have teens or maybe it's because my oldest daughter's name is H because H's are ew! lol

4. Pens. On Facebook, I had posted a picture of the crap in my purse including all my pens. My favorite is the PILOT G-2 07. They fit in my hand perfectly, and the colors make me happy. I have one for every mood.
Most of my story ideas begin with me physically writing them down.  For some reason writing makes the ideas flow easier than typing. For me anyway. I can easily go through a notebook a month.

5. My red Kitchen Aid mixer. I hate cooking. In fact hate probably isn't a strong enough word for how much I dislike it, but I love baking.  Unlike my cooking, nobody complains when I bake.

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