Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Remember that one time?

Remember that one time I said a particular book would be released at a certain time then I said it wasn't. Well, I'm saying it again.

Nearly a month ago, I woke up from my year long anxiety ridden daze, looked in the mirror and barely recognized myself. I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I am a mess. Inside and out.
In the past year, I continually put myself last , and it shows. I put on 25 lbs and aged years. I feel it in my body and see it in my face.  I won't go into details because it's so much. So. Much.  But it did involve one of my kids and mental illness. 
For a year I held onto him with everything I had to keep him from drowning while sacrificing myself. I survived off of fear, worry, caffeine and lots and lots of junk food.

That was until a few weeks ago. I hit my wall. I realized that I couldn't keep going like this. My child still needs me more than ever, but I can't hold him up when I'm drowning. I had to make life changes, take time to exercise and do some self-care but it wasn't just in my personal life. It affected my writing life. I pushed myself to write even when my heart wasn’t in it. I filled my days with shoulds. As a family, we made sacrifices so I could quit my job and write full time, so I carried this heavy weight of responsibility and every day I woke up feeling the weight of all my shoulds on my shoulders. So I wrote, but I lost that passion I had when I first began writing. Hitting that wall, I realized that this needed to change too. I wanted to love writing again, and in the past few weeks I have.

I write every day more than I have this past year, but I have no idea when anything will be published. I have no idea what books will be finished next and I have no idea when I’ll finish writing the last books for the Until Series and the Always series. Right now, I know those series won’t be finished any time soon. Those characters aren’t talking to me. But I am writing in fact I have more story ideas than time.

This week, I've been writing a short story about Bridget's father from Until Now that I'll be posting on here once it's finished.  I'm also half way done with a novella about Benny and Seth from Love Me. If all goes well, it'll be out in November but I won't make any promises.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Until You is here! ::Jazz hands:: 

Until You Book 2.5 novella
Jason, a single dad, spends his days running his coffee shop and doing his best to dislike a beautiful blonde he can’t seem to avoid.

But at night, when his son is asleep, he becomes Belakor, an online gamer. His only concern is keeping up with his strongest competition, his friend Nysterie.

Alexis spends her days attending college, modeling to pay for it and trying to avoid the grumpy coffee shop owner her best friend works for. It would help if she didn’t find him so attractive.

At night, once her homework is done, she becomes Nysterie in an online game where it matters less what you look like than how fast you can blow something up.

What happens when the lines between real life and the fantasy world you keep to yourself aren’t as clear as you thought?

*For anyone concerned this book is light on gaming and heavy on falling in love.

Barnes & Noble

Since every story I write has a little or sometimes a lot of me in it, I added online gaming to this one.  For years I played World of Warcraft and in fact Nysterie is named after my Blood Elf Hunter and Belakor is named after my husband's Tauren Warrior.

When I began playing years ago, 2007 ish (for you gaming nerds out there, it was right after the Burning Crusade expansion), I had four little kids, three of which are on the autism spectrum. Taking my kids anywhere was a challenge since they all had different needs and difficulties so we stayed home--a lot. It was where they were most comfortable.

At the time, I had felt very alone and constantly stressed out. Then my husband put WOW onto my computer and I slowly made friends. Gaming was literally my only social outlet and a way for me to relax after a tough day with the kids. And even though I don't play any more, some of the friends I made at the time are still my friends today. I love you guys!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Updated deleted scenes.

I updated deleted scenes with more from Until Now, Until Us and Love me. You no longer need to have a Wattpad account to read. You can also find out why I cut these scenes out of the books.  I'm warning you now, these scenes have not been edited.


Until You is almost here!!!!

Alexis and Jason were so fun to write and I can't wait to share their story with you.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Until Here

Until Here releasing June 28th

After a failed marriage Melanie Campbell quit a career she loved, friends she had shared with her husband and her social life. She spent three years burying herself in her job avoiding living her life until one evening her boss gave her an ultimatum. Either take a month off or get fired.

Two years ago, Preston Reed left Arizona with a broken heart. Now ready to find love again, he’s returning home with a renewed hope. 

What started as a chance meeting at a hotel bar soon turned into a life changing moment. Their attraction was instant and nothing either expected. But after thirty days will Melanie leave just as broken as when she arrived or will her connection to Preston be the one thing that could heal her?

Barnes & Noble

I wrote this moooooonths ago and I can't believe the world is finally going to see it.  It's the little novella that could. It went through a few hands before it got to the right editor (Thank you again, Elaine York! You are my hero.)

I love this little novella. Emphasis on little.  It's just under 28,000 words which comes out to around 90 pages, I think.  It's a sweet, easy read with great characters who get a well deserved happily ever after.

For those of you who read Until Now, this is Preston's story. I fell in love with him while writing Until Now and though most of what I had written between him and Bridget got cut from the book, I knew I had to give him a happy ending.

Friday, June 10, 2016

What's coming and some changes to my release schedule.

I'm excited to have Love Me out in the world. I love Kimmie and her story and hope you enjoy reading it.

Until Here is releasing June 28th. It's a 27k novella about Preston from Until Now.

After a failed marriage Melanie Campbell quit a career she loved, friends she had shared with her husband and her social life. She spent three years burying herself in her job avoiding living her life until one evening her boss gave her an ultimatum. Either take a month off or get fired.

Two years ago, Preston Reed left Arizona with a broken heart. Now ready to find love again, he’s returning home with a renewed hope.

What started as a chance meeting at a hotel bar soon turned into a life changing moment. Their attraction was instant and nothing either expected. But after thirty days will Melanie leave just as broken as when she arrived or will her connection to Preston be the one thing that could heal her?

Preorder Here:
Barnes & Noble
Kobo- coming soon

I had to make some tough choices with my writing/ editing schedule and had to bump a book from releasing this year. Here's my updated release schedule:

Until Here an Until Novella -  6/28/2016
Until You an Until Novella - mid-July 2016
Until Forever the final book in the Until series- Mid-November 2016
Life As She Knew It- Mid-December

I had to push back Until Forever to  Love Deserved spot to give me more time to make the book what I want it to be. Love Deserved will be release by Spring 2017.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

It's coming!

Love Me is up for pre-order and is releasing May 31st!!!!  EEEEK!  I'm excited and, as always, terrified to release another book out to the world. But I love this heroine. Kimmie is everything I'm not which is probably why I enjoyed writing her.

Pre-order here:
Barnes and Noble

Kimberly Franklin excelled at a career she loved, but her personal life was one long train wreck after another. Beautiful and vibrant, she never had trouble finding men who wanted her, at least for a night but finding one who loved her was something else entirely.

She knew love existed. She'd seen it in the eyes of her parents and knew her sister and brother-in-law had found it. Then after one horrendous night, belief in love became too painful.

In an attempt to convince herself that people like her don’t get “happily ever after’s” she swore off men and gave up her dream of having a family of her own. Then she met a man who showed her what it was to be really loved, but will she be able to let go of old hurt to make a future with him?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Editors, changes and what's coming.

I was so excited to post editing dates in my last blog post and to release Until Here, an Until novella this month but life happened and for once it wasn't my life causing issues. Yay!

Until Here is written, it's with the editor, but she won't be able to get to it until next month. I was supposed to send Love Me to her this month, but that's not happening. It's disappointing and frustrating and no fault of my editor who I adore. On a positive note, the photo for the cover of Until Here was taken over Easter, and I should be able to post it soon. :: crossing fingers::  Aaaaand I found a new editor. I'm excited to work with her and I already have four books and one novella scheduled for editing with her this year.

I'm going to be very busy from now until the end of November but it'll be the good kind of busy.

So as it stands right now these will be my release dates:

Until Here, an Until novella will be released May/June. That's my best guess but I can't wait for you to read it. It's a short novella even for a Novella, but it's sweet and the I love the characters so much I cried when I wrote the epilogue. I wasn't ready to say goodbye to them.

Love Me, the second book in the Always series will be released May 31st. I promise this book is not as heavy as Love You, Always. Kimmie, the main character, wouldn't allow it and I wouldn't be able to write it.  Heavy stuff happens, but Kimmie deals with it with humor...and wine--lots of wine.

Until You, an Until Novella will be released July 12th. I can't wait to finish this one. My years playing World of Warcraft and living with a gaming nerd has finally been put to good use.

Until Forever, the final book in the Until series will be released August 9th. I'm going to be shedding a few tears with this one only because I don't want to say goodbye to these characters. This is Phillips story, and I can't wait to write it.  To watch how he grew up from a scared boy who made a really bad choice to a man who would do anything to make up for his wrongdoings will be an emotional ride as a writer and hopefully as a reader. When I first wrote him, I never expected to like him, but as I was finishing Until Now, he kept showing me his side. What he was doing, how he was feeling after Bridget. Nothing is every black or white.

Love Deserved, the final book in the Always series will be released mid-November. I wanted to write Caleb's story even before I finished writing Love You, Always. I will warn you this one might be as heavy as Love You, Always but from a different side of the story.

Life As she Knew It, a stand-alone novel will be released mid-December. The main character in this book has not left me alone in months. I write scenes or notes for her story almost every single day. She might be one of my favorite characters but only because of where she starts out and where she ends at the end of the book.

I can't begin to express how excited and terrified I am of this list.  These stories have been in my head for so long and to finally share them with others is amazing. This writing gig will never get old and never be less scary.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Editing dates!!!

Writing gets real when I schedule editing. Eeek and Yay!  Until Here (an Until Novella) is heading to the editor March 1st and should release ::crossing fingers:: the end of March. Love Me, the second book in the Always series is scheduled for April 1st and should be released early May. Once again, I'm crossing my fingers.

And for a bit of randomness:
Foo Fighters + Queens/ David Bowie amazing-ness = love so much I can barely stand it.

Monday, January 4, 2016

It's a new year!

Goodbye, 2015. I will not miss you. Emotionally speaking, I limped into the new year feeling beat up and scarred, but I feel a renewed excitement for the upcoming year.  I look at 2016 as a brand new notebook ready for me to write my new ideas, hopes and dreams.

My hope and dream for this year is to finish writing the Until and Always series. Three novels and two novellas might be pushing it, but doable especially since I'm already 22k words into my next novel. YAY!

I also hope to be a little more active on social media. This is a tough one especially since I'm a shy introvert, but I'm going to push myself a little more.

In other news, Love, Ryan, Love you, Always, Until Now and Until Us are now free on Kindle Unlimited or only .99 -2.99 for those of us who still haven't a reader. It was a tough decision to make especially since I'm a Nook owner, but they get much more visibility on there than when they aren't.

Until Now

Until Us

Love, Ryan

Love You, Always

If you've read any of my books, I would appreciate your reviews...even if you didn't like it.  Not only does it help with rating but it's helpful for me as a writer.

I had planned to work on an Until novella next but changed my mind. I may change it again, you never know but as of right now, Kimmie's story from Love you, Always will be next.  I can't even begin to tell you how much I love her. She is everything I'm not and maybe that's my draw to her.  Like LYA, it's emotional, but it won't be as heavy as Anna's book. Kimmie's personality wouldn't allow it.

On an unrelated note and to express how much my characters become a part of my life (or how crazy I am),  I actually missed the characters from Until Us at Christmas. It was like I expected them to show up and open presents with me. I'd like to think I'm not crazy and it was because they've been a part of my life for so long, but I think I might be a bit cookoo. Either way, I'll be happy to go back into their world when I finish the series.