Tuesday, May 24, 2016

It's coming!

Love Me is up for pre-order and is releasing May 31st!!!!  EEEEK!  I'm excited and, as always, terrified to release another book out to the world. But I love this heroine. Kimmie is everything I'm not which is probably why I enjoyed writing her.

Pre-order here:
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Kimberly Franklin excelled at a career she loved, but her personal life was one long train wreck after another. Beautiful and vibrant, she never had trouble finding men who wanted her, at least for a night but finding one who loved her was something else entirely.

She knew love existed. She'd seen it in the eyes of her parents and knew her sister and brother-in-law had found it. Then after one horrendous night, belief in love became too painful.

In an attempt to convince herself that people like her don’t get “happily ever after’s” she swore off men and gave up her dream of having a family of her own. Then she met a man who showed her what it was to be really loved, but will she be able to let go of old hurt to make a future with him?