Sunday, June 26, 2016

Until Here

Until Here releasing June 28th

After a failed marriage Melanie Campbell quit a career she loved, friends she had shared with her husband and her social life. She spent three years burying herself in her job avoiding living her life until one evening her boss gave her an ultimatum. Either take a month off or get fired.

Two years ago, Preston Reed left Arizona with a broken heart. Now ready to find love again, he’s returning home with a renewed hope. 

What started as a chance meeting at a hotel bar soon turned into a life changing moment. Their attraction was instant and nothing either expected. But after thirty days will Melanie leave just as broken as when she arrived or will her connection to Preston be the one thing that could heal her?

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I wrote this moooooonths ago and I can't believe the world is finally going to see it.  It's the little novella that could. It went through a few hands before it got to the right editor (Thank you again, Elaine York! You are my hero.)

I love this little novella. Emphasis on little.  It's just under 28,000 words which comes out to around 90 pages, I think.  It's a sweet, easy read with great characters who get a well deserved happily ever after.

For those of you who read Until Now, this is Preston's story. I fell in love with him while writing Until Now and though most of what I had written between him and Bridget got cut from the book, I knew I had to give him a happy ending.

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