Thursday, August 18, 2016

Until You is here! ::Jazz hands:: 

Until You Book 2.5 novella
Jason, a single dad, spends his days running his coffee shop and doing his best to dislike a beautiful blonde he can’t seem to avoid.

But at night, when his son is asleep, he becomes Belakor, an online gamer. His only concern is keeping up with his strongest competition, his friend Nysterie.

Alexis spends her days attending college, modeling to pay for it and trying to avoid the grumpy coffee shop owner her best friend works for. It would help if she didn’t find him so attractive.

At night, once her homework is done, she becomes Nysterie in an online game where it matters less what you look like than how fast you can blow something up.

What happens when the lines between real life and the fantasy world you keep to yourself aren’t as clear as you thought?

*For anyone concerned this book is light on gaming and heavy on falling in love.

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Since every story I write has a little or sometimes a lot of me in it, I added online gaming to this one.  For years I played World of Warcraft and in fact Nysterie is named after my Blood Elf Hunter and Belakor is named after my husband's Tauren Warrior.

When I began playing years ago, 2007 ish (for you gaming nerds out there, it was right after the Burning Crusade expansion), I had four little kids, three of which are on the autism spectrum. Taking my kids anywhere was a challenge since they all had different needs and difficulties so we stayed home--a lot. It was where they were most comfortable.

At the time, I had felt very alone and constantly stressed out. Then my husband put WOW onto my computer and I slowly made friends. Gaming was literally my only social outlet and a way for me to relax after a tough day with the kids. And even though I don't play any more, some of the friends I made at the time are still my friends today. I love you guys!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

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