Billy and Katie deleted scene

August 1999


"Biwwy?" Sweets stepped into the doorway of his office wearing her favorite princess nightgown that she had nearly grown out of. It was tight around her chubby middle and barely covered her knees, but she wouldn't let Bridget put it in the giveaway box. He even bought her a couple more her size, but none of them was as good as this one.

Her mouth widened with a huge yawn. "No more wook," she demanded with heavy-lidded eyes.

Diane stepped up behind her with a tired smile. "She said she needed her Billy to go to sleep."

He smiled at his little Sweets and said, "Come here." She hurried to him and pushed his chair away from his desk. He lifted her up and settled her in the crook of his arm, her legs laid across his lap. Her eyes took one long blink and then another until she went limp in his arms. He chuckled about how just moments ago he could hear her giggling and running around upstairs in her and Bridget's apartment.

"You okay with me leaving? Bridget should be home within the hour." Diane asked.

He kissed the top of Katie's head. "Head home. I've got her. I want to hold her for awhile anyway."

Diane nodded and turned to leave but stopped at the door. "One day Billy..." before he could ask her to finish she shook her head. "Never mind. I'll see you Monday."

He leaned back in his chair and put his feet up on his desk holding his favorite little person. Her soft, curly brown hair tickled his arm. Her plump pink cheeks drooped as she nodded off. Tiny toddler snores escaped between lips that still held traces of chocolate cake.

Bridget was on her first date since Katie was born, leaving him and Diane in charge. As usual, Katie worked her magic and had talked them into shakes and cake for dinner. He expected Bridget to be angry, but when she walked into his office an hour later, she simply sat on the edge of his desk and smiled down at her daughter.

She didn't say a word about the evidence caked around the edges of Katie's lips. When he asked how her date went she grinned ear to ear. "It was really good." Her blush said more than her words.

"He was a gentleman?" Billy asked with a slight warning. Even though he was pretty sure Preston was harmless, Bridget was one of his girls, and it was his job to make sure that guys treated her right especially since she was just getting back into dating.

She bit her lip and swung her legs as a slight blush covered her cheeks. "Yeah," she said with a slightly dreamy tone to her voice. He couldn't explain it, but he felt a twinge of jealousy while at the same time unable to take his eyes off of her legs. That's when it hit him. When did she become a woman? He knew it was a ridiculous thought. She was twenty years old with a child, but it wasn't until that moment that it really hit him. She wasn't that sixteen-year-old who showed up at his diner one night.

Bridget pushed off his desk and leaned over to kiss Katie's sweaty forehead. "Thanks for babysitting."

He looked at Bridget, who was still smiling down at her beautiful little girl. "Anytime."

Bridget stood and stretched before attempting to take Katie from his arms. "You probably should say that. Preston is taking me out again next week."

He refused to let Katie go and instead stood up and nodded toward his office door. She got the hint and let him carry her to their apartment. "He is?" Another flare of jealousy hit. He tried not to scowl, but he didn't think he was doing a good job. "Yeah. But don't worry. Diane gave me the number of a great babysitter."

He followed Bridget out of his office and toward the back door not wanting to say goodnight just yet. "I'll do it," he offered as she opened the back door to the diner and let him out before locking it up behind them. She followed him the stairs to their apartment.

"I appreciate it," she said as she unlocked the door and once again let him through first and followed him to Katie's bed in the corner of the studio apartment. He really needed to do some remodeling in here so they could have their own rooms. Bridget never complained about the lack of privacy or sharing sleeping space with a toddler, but he wanted to do something nice for her since she never asked for anything.

Billy wiped the chocolate off Katie's face before planting a quick kiss on her cheek.

Bridget walked him to the door where he said, "Goodnight Bridget."

"Goodnight. Don't forget..."

"I know. Two maple bars tomorrow." She beamed up at him. "I would never expect you and Katie to share a donut."

She laughed and said, "I'm glad you understand."

He chuckled and shook his head. "See you bright and early tomorrow morning."

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