Deleted Scenes

This is a warning. None of these scenes or chapter have been edited. You read at your own risk.

Until Now Deleted Chapter With Bridget and Tiffany

This was a chapter I loved writing especially since I wanted to show what happened to Bridget's friend Tiffany, but I ended up removing it since it didn't help move the story along.

Until Now Deleted Scene with Billy and Katie

I loved this chapter. I loved every scene with Billy and Katie, but I didn't keep it for a few reasons. One, I wasn't ready for Billy to notice Katie yet and two, the previous chapter took place only months before and I needed to span the story eighteen years so I had to be more selective of what stories to tell in the timeline.

Until Now Deleted Scene with Bridget and Preston

This was originally part of Chapter Twenty-Five, the night Preston proposed to Bridget. It would have been a flashback to how Bridget and Preston met. There were a few reasons I took it out.  Even though I intended it to be cute, it sort of turned stalker-ish and as much as I enjoyed writing their backstory, the novel didn’t need the details since they didn’t end up together.

Until Us Deleted Scene with Katie and Eric

This was the original prologue. I thought it would make it much harder to like Katie with Tyler if I showed more of Katie and Eric's relationship.

Love Me Deleted Chapters from Kevin's POV

When I first began writing Love Me, I had written from Kevin and Kimmies point of view. Around a third of the way through writing the story I changed my mind. Since Love You, Always was Anna's story and I intend to write Love Deserved with only Caleb's POV,  I decided to have Love Me be only Kimmie's story.

Love Me Deleted Scene with Kevin's and Kimmie.

This was Kevin's point of view of a sex scene. The scene that I switched to Kimmie's point of view had originally been Kevin's but after I took his pov out of the whole book, I switched views.

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