Kevin and Kimmie

I felt a trail of sweat slide down my back.  Oh please, oh please, oh please let her have talked to her family.  I couldn’t back down but.. Oh. My. God.
            I took a few steps closer, trying so hard not to think with my lower brain but looking at her like that, it was almost impossible.  I wanted to kiss her, make love to her, use those freaking handcuffs on her but I stopped.  I shook my head.
            “Welcome home Kevin.”  She said seductively. 
            Oh Lord, give me strength.
            I cleared my throat but my voice still sounded husky.  “Kimberly, please for the love of all that's holy tell me you told your family about us.” I begged. 
            “Don't do this Kevin.  You know I love you more than anything.”  She closed one of the handcuffs over one wrist. Then smiled at me.
            “Not anything, not more than your fear of telling your family.”
            “You don't know them; you just don't know.”  She said while giving me a pouty lip. Even arguing with me she sounds sexy.
            “You're right I don't because you haven't introduced me to them!” I shouted only because I was in physical pain.  “I don't care who they are, I just don't want to be someone’s dirty little secret.”
            “Oh you are definitely dirty.”  she practically purrs. 
            I'm losing the fight to hold on. 
            Think about what you want Kevin not just what you want right now, I reminded myself.
            “Kimberly, I want more.  I want you, I want marriage, I want family, I want home and I want to meet your family and until I do, nothing can happen with us.”  Good job Kevin.  Hold Strong!
            “Your brain might be saying no, but that is saying yes.”  She pointed below my belt.
            I tried to shake it off.  If I opened my mouth at that moment it would’ve been to kiss her and I couldn’t do it––yet.
            I watched as she got on her hands and knees and crawled to me on the bed. 

            NO! NO! NO!

            I had never seen anything more sexy in my life!  She slipped her fingers in my pants and pulled me towards the bed till I fell on top of her.
            Her mouth was on me before I could say anything.  I allowed myself to let go for just a minute.  Just one minute, I needed to kiss her.  When I felt her hands start to unbutton my jeans, I leap off the bed.
            Panting, I yelled out, “NO!”
            Pissed off she began yelling at me.  “Are you kidding me?”
            “You know what I want and I'm not going to take anything less.” He said breathlessly with sweat falling down his cheeks.
            “You're serious?” She looked at me in unbelief. I was positive no other man had managed to resist her. I think I might’ve been insane.  
            “Very.” I stated.
            “You mean, me being naked in front of you right now, won't change things for you?” As she untied one of the tiny ribbons holding up the nighty. One down one to go, with one breast peeking out and oh damn, the top was down around her waist.  She stood up on the bed and pushed it all the way down along with her teeny tiny panties.
            She was trying to kill me.
            I backed away from her, when my back hit the door, I quickly opened it and ran out before I attacked her and gave into anything and everything she wanted

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