Love You Always Series

Love You, Always

Caring for their three children had been Anna’s only priority in the aftermath of losing the man she’d loved since they were seventeen years old. Forced to move forward with her life, Anna was reeling as she enrolled in college. There she made a friend who had been there and done that, hired a sexy younger man to tutor her in math, who also taught her how to have fun again, and she found a man who wanted to love her, whether she wanted it or not. The lessons in life Anna received over her first year of college gave her the strength to live again.

Love, Ryan

In the 90’s I fell in love with my best friend and neighbor Anna May. Growing up together, I never saw her as anything more than my friend until one night and one dance. At seventeen, I was forced to do what I had never imagined. I had to choose between losing her to another guy or do everything I could to make her mine even if it meant ruining our friendship.


Love Me

     Kimberly excelled at a career she loved, but her personal life was one long train wreck after another. Beautiful and vibrant, she never had trouble finding men who wanted her, at least for a night but finding one who loved her was something else entirely.
     She knew love existed. She had seen it in the eyes of her parents and knew her sister and brother-in-law had found it. Then after one horrendous night, belief in love became too painful.
     In an attempt to convince herself that people like her don’t get “happily ever after’s”, she swore off men and gave up her dream of having a family of her own. Then she met a man who showed her what it was to be really loved. But will she be able to let go of old hurt to make a future with him?


Safe Love

Safe Love is an Always novella. You do not need to read the other books in the series. It is a complete stand alone love story.
Seth and Benny were minor characters in Love Me.

After spending years in foster care, Seth's life was anything but easy. He spent his days hiding behind a hoodie and a sketchpad counting down the days until he aged out of the system.  With ten days left until he turned eighteen he never expected to make friends with the cute girl next door. 

Seth thought of Benny every single day. She was the reason he worked so hard to make his life better so one day he could deserve her. But would she forgive him for leaving three years ago without saying a word? 

He was about to find out because the girl he used to know was now a gorgeous woman and she was standing right in front of him. 

Upcoming Releases in the Always series:
Love Deserved (Caleb's story)Full Novel
Perfect Love Novella (Amanda aka professor Barbie and Max)
Beautiful Love Novella (Brad and Candace)
Loving Anna short story (Adam and Anna)

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