Until Now Series

Until Now Book 1
     Sixteen‑year-old Bridget Larson was no stranger to heartbreak. When she found herself pregnant and alone with barely enough money for a hotel room for one night, the flashing neon sign of a neighborhood diner changed her fate. Hungry and cold, with just enough money for a cup of soup, Bridget discovered the love and belonging she craved in a family strangers at the fifties‑style cafe.

    Twenty-four-year-old Billy Hall struggled with his own grief. Months ago, he was wandering Europe, in search of his purpose in life, when he received a call that would leave him saddled with his family’s diner. It was a noose around his neck until a pregnant teenager stumbled in hungry and alone. Inexplicably drawn to the girl, he had no idea the purpose he travelled the world to find was merely waiting for him to come home.


    After hiding their feelings for each other over the past eighteen years, Bridget and Billy's life is about to change again. The baby who brought them together is leaving for college today. They both wonder if Katie leaving will take away their last reason to stay in each other’s lives, or is she giving them a reason to stay together?
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Until Here Book 1.5  Novella
     After a failed marriage Melanie Campbell quit a career she loved, friends she had shared with her husband and her social life. She spent three years burying herself in her job avoiding living her life until one evening her boss gave her an ultimatum. Either take a month off or get fired.
      Two years ago, Preston Reed left Arizona with a broken heart. Now ready to find love again, he’s returning home with a renewed hope.
     What started as a chance meeting at a hotel bar soon turned into a life changing moment. Their attraction was instant and nothing either expected. But after thirty days will Melanie leave just as broken as when she arrived or will her connection to Preston be the one thing that could heal her?
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  Until Us Book 2

     In the last year, Katie Larson's life changed dramatically. She left home for college, met the father she had never known and fell in love with Mr. Wonderful. It's the changes she never saw coming that will make this year the hardest of her life.
     She will be forced to discover the inner strength she didn't know she had and will find out that Mr. Wonderful isn't Mr. Right.
     Tyler Marshall has always been the "nice guy"; always the friend never the boyfriend. He's close to his loving family, has good friends and loves his job. He was content with his life until she needed him. Now he would love nothing more than to be an Us.


Until You Book 2.5 novella

Jason, a single dad, spends his days running his coffee shop and doing his best to dislike a beautiful blonde he can’t seem to avoid.

But at night, when his son is asleep, he becomes Belakor, an online gamer. His only concern is keeping up with his strongest competition, his friend Nysterie.

Alexis spends her days attending college, modeling to pay for it and trying to avoid the grumpy coffee shop owner her best friend works for. It would help if she didn’t find him so attractive.

At night, once her homework is done, she becomes Nysterie in an online game where it matters less what you look like than how fast you can blow something up.

What happens when the lines between real life and the fantasy world you keep to yourself aren’t as clear as you thought?

Until Forever (Phillips story) The Final book in the Until series.


  1. I am currently reading this book. <3 LOVING IT.

    1. Yay! I'm so happy! I needed hear this today! :-)

  2. Are you going to tell kimmie and kevins story? I really hope so have really enjoyed this series can't wait for Phillips story just sad I have to wait so long

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed the series!!! Love Me, which is Kevin and Kimmie's story is out and available on all sites. There are links under the Love You Always series.